Bodrum is the most well known of the resorts on the Bodrum Peninsular of Turkey. A bohemian atmosphere, fabulous views of Bodrum Castle, {which is a 'must visit'},  from all around the harbour, some of the best nightclubs in Turkey, excellent restaurants and fare, the many resorts that can be easily reached, the long hot summer days, the sparkling clear blue sea, boat trips galore and of course the most friendly and hospitalble people that you could ever meet.

Bodrum, Turkey. Yalikavak.

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Shopping in Bodrum.

As everywhere in Turkey, shopping in Bodrum is an adventurous experience, dozens of shops offering leatherwear, gold and silver items, designer clothing, which is mostly fake but acceptable quality for the price and many types of souvenir. Haggling in Bodrum is a must and expected, look toward paying around half of the asking price. Also look out for carpets and kilims. Bodrum offers An excellent fruit and vegetable market on Fridays and a craft market on Tuesdays.


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Bodrum, the fun holiday paradise of the Bodrum peninsular of Turkey.

Bodrum, holiday resort of Turkey.The narrow winding streets of Bodrum are abundant in shops bars and restaurants, a lovely place to stroll during the balmy warm evenings. Wander around the harbour and admire the brightly painted wooden sailing gulets which can take you on trips to the many other Bodrum resorts or a cruise around the peninsular with lunch and a swim for a fabulous day out. There is much to do and see in Bodrum, from the historic sights to it’s abundance of water sports. Those looking for a more active holiday in Turkey won’t be disappointed. Go walking, cycling, swimming, diving, fishing, or sailing. Visit Bodrum's nearby towns and fishing villages or take a ferry trip from Bodrum to the nearby Greek Islands of Rhodes and Kos. If beaches and sunbathing is your way to while away the daylight hours then Bodrum is surrounded by fantastic bays and seaside villages, Yalikavak, famous for it's Thursday market, Turgutreis, Ortakent, and Akyarlar to name but a few. On the northern end of the peninsular and only 8km (5 miles) from Bodrum is Torba, a lovely small picturesque village where fishermen haul in their nets for the local beachside restaurants and you can amble along the beach to the remains of an old Byzantine monastery. Myndos, now known as Gumusluk, is well famed for it's fantastic fish restaurants and Rabbit Island, which you can walk to on the knee-deep partially sunken ancient causeway. Climb to the top of the island for fabulous views or dive into the sparkling clean waters to swim or snorkel above the ancient Greek ruins. The simple hillside village and lovely bay of Golturkbuku has attracted the jet set of Turkey. The new marinas at Yalikavak and Turgutreis are well worth calling into for yachters traveling between Kusadasi and Bodrum, their beaches and sheltered waterfront promenades lined with restaurants and souvenir shops make for an easy and enjoyable day out.

Bodrum nightlife.

Halikarnass Bodrum

Bodrum is famous for having some of the best nightclubs to be found anywhere in Turkey. Located by the marina you will find the Yacht Club, housing two restaurants and four bars. Live jazz and Latin music are played throughout the summer. There is also a cocktail bar and rooftop bar that provides a fantastic view over the castle and Bodrum marina. The biggest open-air disco-club in Europe is the Halikarnas, alongside Bodrum castle, and the loudest! Club Catamaran is also by the castle and has a glass dance-floor enabling you to see the water below.

Just wander through the narrow streets at night and be amazed by the atmosphere, lively and friendly, foreign and exciting., Call into a bar or two, visit some of the late closing shops for your souvenirs, clothing and jewellery, and of course, the many-flavoured varieties of real Turkish Delight. or just people-watch down at the harbour. Bodrum is always teeming with life and has plenty for you to do and see.

Food and Drink:

Bodrum restaurants

Food and Drink in Bodrum. There are very many restaurants in Bodrum, many of which are alongside the marina, serving delicious locally caught fish and traditional Turkish food. You will also find Chinese, Indian and fast food takeaways. A lovely area is Restaurant Ally with several traditional Turkish restaurants, you will often find local musicians playing here. Food is generally very reasonably priced in Bodrum and good value for money. In many places you can relax after your meal with a Nargile [Hookah] with many different flavoured tobaccos available.


The most popular beer in Bodrum is Efes, the national beer of Turkey, excellent quality. For something stronger try a Raki, an aniseed flavoured drink that is generally mixed with water which turns it milky, very similar to Ouzo but be careful and treat it with respect, it can go down too easily.

Turkish Coffee.

Turkish coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love, " Turkish Proverb". Turkish coffee is served from a coffee pot called a "cezve". Traditionally, after the coffee is drunk, the cup is turned upside down and your fortune read from the coffee ground.


Dedenham Aquapark Bodrum, the largest water and amusement park of it's kind in Turkey, is located at Ortakent on the outskirts of Bodrum. The local travel agents run excursions there, but you can easily catch a dolmus.

Some historical sites of Bodrum:

· Halicarnassos Mausoleum is Bodrum's oldest and most significant archaeological site, and was once one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Mausoleum was built by Artemisia II in honour of her husband King Mausolos from which the word "mausoleum" is derived . 

· The Castle of St. Peter is the most well-known and prominent landmark of the Bodrum landscape. The castle dates back to the knights of St. John. Construction of the castle began in the 1400s. Today, the Castle is home to the Underwater Museum, whose exhibits include an ancient shipwreck and various other antiquities found in the area.

· Bodrum Amphitheatre, accredited to the reign of King Mausolus, is to be found on the hillside overlooking Bodrum. The theatre had a seating of about 13,000. 

· Myndos Gate, once again from King Mausolus's time, is the remaining part of the original city wall. Found on the west side of the resort, was one of two entrances to ancient Halicarnassus. The gate is named after the town which it faced, Myndos (now Gümüslük).